Livingston Boats

The small boats with the big boat ride

Buying a small boat doesn’t mean you have to settle for a small boat ride. You can have a Livingston! Livingston catamarans give you a big boat ride in a small boat package because catamarans are softer riding and more stable than boats of much larger comparable size.

The Livingston ride is the result of our proven catamaran hulls. Catamarans are naturally smoother riding than mono hulls, but even more so when compared to conventional flat-bottomed skiffs. When a Livingston’s two sharp hulls meet an oncoming wave, it’s like two knives slicing through the water. This produces an incredibly smooth ride even in our smallest boats. On the other hand, in a conventional, flat-bottomed skiff, hitting an oncoming wave is equivalent to doing a belly flop off the diving board – except less funny.

The small boats with big boat stability

Catamarans have their buoyancy in their hulls on the outsides of the boat’s beam width. So, when you step into a Livingston, there is lots of boat under you for more stability. And when you are underway, the same stability is enhanced by the sponson width. That’s something the Polynesians learned centuries ago.

Livingstons draw less water than many flats boats

The twin hulls of a Livingston catamaran divide the flotation necessary into two halves. So, each hull draws less water than a single mono hull with even a little vee in the bottom. So, a Livingston can take you into shallow water in search of fish other boats can’t get to. Plus, you can get further in to the beach before you need to step out of the boat when visiting you favorite secluded island.

The small boats with the large interior

Catamarans carry their maximum beam from bow to stern. Livingstons don’t need to pull in their width at the bow in order to achieve a more comfortable ride. With a catamaran, it’s built-in. So, catamaran designs provide you with approximately 40% more interior room than a monohull.

Livingstons have rigid bottoms and light weight without inflated price and maintenance

Livingstons are the choice of boaters who need a hard bottom for beaching and light weight for car-topping or use as a dingy or yacht tender. You can even order stainless steel keel strips for beaching on rough or rocky surfaces. But, unlike rigid bottom inflatable (RIBs), your Livingston has a lower initial cost and will always stay inflated! Livingstons eliminate the maintenance and worry associated with inflatable flotation. Just go boating and leave the structural worries behind. It’s a Livingston!

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