Mercury Inflatable Air Deck

Minimal Assembly, Maximum Convenience & Comfort


General-purpose, lightweight boats with an air-filled floor for easy transport. Doesn’t get much easier than this.

Soft enough to be easy on the knees. Rigid enough to hold five people stable on deck surface. The Mercury® high-pressure “X-Stitched” air floor makes for easy, fast setup. Thousands of X-stitched fibers for excellent support. Fifty percent more rigid than traditional air floor systems. Ship-to-shore transport or for your next family outing. The Air Deck® is built to be maneuverable and boasts a roomy interior. No floorboards, for maximum portability. Stow it anywhere. Take it out when you’re ready to hit the water.


PW Marine carries the following accessories for the Mercury Inflatable Air Deck (see gallery above for images):

  • Seat
  • Bow Handles


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