Every Sea Ray boat is a reflection of our commitment to precision, innovation and meticulous craftsmanship. Spacious cockpits flow into thoughtfully devised cabins. Our designs, details and materials are tested and approved by the most dedicated group of professionals in the marine industry. The result is a line of boats, from 17 to 61 feet, that continues to set higher standards when it comes to aesthetics, engineering and technology. That's what you can expect from Sea Ray.

Next Wave is an intensive 24-month commitment to enacting major innovation across all Sea Ray platforms. Our goal is nothing short of re-imagining the boating experience. With a deliberate focus on product, this initiative aims to elevate Sea Ray and raise the bar industry-wide. By developing and championing new technologies such as Quiet Ride, Dynamic Running Surface and TrueJet, and design breakthroughs including SkyFlow Design and Concealed Outboard Propulsion, Sea Ray is asserting itself as a dominant global presence and a company of forward thinkers. 

Sea Ray SLX 310 Outboard 


Sea Ray SDX 270 Outboard 


Sea Ray SDX 290 Outboard 


Sea Ray SPX 190 Outboard 


Sea Ray SPX 230 Outboard 


Sea Ray SPX 210 Outboard